Kenyan Icons and Maasai (Co-creation)

Gijs journeyed back to his “Ovahimba” (Maasai) painting days (1987-1988) and captured the Maasai in Kenya and other key people and locations who lived alongside the Maasai. Not only did Gijs capture the past (last century) but he also met and captured contemporary Kenyan people and celebrities such as Janet Mbugua and Charles Simpson and Lucy Chodota.

Some of locations we have visited and the people we have met, see the pics below:

  • Karen Blixen House (also a photo taken by Peter Beard with Gijs looking at it at Karen Blixen House. Peter Beard was inspired partly by Karen Blixen and owns the land next to Karen Blixen House named The Hog Ranch).
  • Karen Blixen House (Gijs painting the residence of Karen Blixen and Bror Blixen from the lawn where the Maasai used to perform their ritual dances in the company of Karen and Bror).
  • Local Maasai man.
  • Charles Simpson (Owner of Film Production House for movies such as “Out of Africa” and “To Walk with Lions”. Charles Simpson is a key person in Kenya who spent time with the likes of Jomo Kenyatta, Sean Connery, Peter Beard, Richard Harris, etc.
  • Janet Mbugua (Anchor woman of the Kenyan news and also leading actress of the TV series Rush).
  • Lucy Chodota (Creator and Director and Producer of TV series Rush).
  • Maasai beads (Co-creation with Gijs Donker of Maasai inspired paintings. The bead pattern part of the Lucy painting symbolises a woman getting married).
  • Every day woman in Kenya.

Art Trip to Kenya

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